Build a Meme Generator App with Flutter

Build a Meme Generator App with Flutter

If you like memes you are going to love this, let’s see how to build a meme generator app with flutter

If you like to learn via video then you can watch it on Youtube.

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📕 Things covered in this Series:

  • How to take a screenshot of a widget in Flutter
  • How to save that screenshot to Gallery
  • How to Stack two widgets in Flutter
  • How to use asset image in flutter 
  • How to Pick Image from Gallery/Camera in Flutter

So let’s get started coding,

Step 1: Create a flutter project, I am going to do it with Android studio you can user terminal/cmd or VS code there will be no difference.

(if you don’t have flutter installed then visit

Step 2: Get rid of all the comments in the main.dart and also MyHomePage stateful widget

Step 3: Now let’s add some packages to pubspec.yaml

image_picker: ^0.6.3+1
image_gallery_saver: ^1.2.2
permission_handler: ^4.2.0+hotfix.3

image_picker to pick the image, image gallery saver to save the image to the gallery, permission_handler to handle permission 🙄

Step 4: Now lets build the User Interface, as you can see the it’s a vertical arrangement of different widgets so. we will be using column

Written by
Sanskar Tiwari
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