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Learn Dart & Flutter by Developing 5 Real World Apps From Scratch, Absolutely FREE!

Learn Flutter getting started with Basic Widgets to Fetching Data from Internet using API, using Firebase Database and hosting app to web all from scratch step by step.

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    Student Feedback.

    Thank you for teaching us sanskar sir even Angela yu did not cover many topics for chat app but you did. thank you once again for teaching with good intentions. nice way of explanation.

    Ramit Rana

    What we will build ?

    1. Build a Flutter News App with NewsApi Org
    2. Build a Flutter Firebase Blog App
    3. Build a Recipe App with Flutter
    4. Build ToDo Web App Made with Flutter & Firebase
    5. Build Fully Functioning Flutter Chat App with Flutter & FIrebase Firestore

    What can you expect from this Free Course ?

    1. Get Experience with third-party libraries and APIs.
    2. Developing Android & iOS apps using Dart & Flutter
    3. Learn about Basic widgets in Flutter
    4. Firebase CRUD Operations
    5. Google Sign In & Email Password Sign In
    6. Host Flutter App on Web
    7. and much more.