How to land your Dream Job as software developer

How to land your Dream Job as software developer

Programmer is a dream job. But landing your dream job is not easy. In this post, I’ll share with you 7 tips on how to land your dream job as a software developer according to my experience.

  • Seek internship opportunities
  • Reach out every day
  • Network in the industry
  • Improve your resume
  • Build projects and portfolio
  • Learn soft skills
  • Offer to volunteer or assist with a project

Build projects and portfolio

My journey of building projects started with Login & Sign Up Firebase Phone Authopen source sharing on Facebook groups, I continued building and sharing 

I shared on Facebook groups, LinkedIn and then YouTube as well.

as linkedin shows reach I can see my posts reaching to the employees of the top tech companies.

Reach out every day

When I use to post on linkedin I use to send message to all the people mentioned flutter developer asking for feedback. The intension was to get feedback so I can get better which also expanded my circle 

Seek internship opportunities

Internship can be helpful, depending on where you are getting it and how much getting paid, I am big fan of building projects to show my work than internship.

So even if you cannot get internship use that time to make more projects.

Network in the industry

As shared before when I use to share my projects on linkedin asking for feedback it helps me connect with top names and network opening many opportunities 

Improve your resume

This is important, some tips can be share resume with some colleges to get feedback or people in the same industry. Also just apply at a lot of places

Learn soft skills

Soft skills are very important, I am running my own company and I can tell you the people I hire soft skills matter because you might be good at something but I cannot communicate it to you and you cannot build what I want then its not a right fit.

Offer to volunteer or assist with a project

I volunteer at many places with multiple projects, it helps in network increase exposure to different stuff and inshore learn and grow so highly recommended

That is all

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Written by
Sanskar Tiwari
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